Steve Jones is Gearbox Software President, Randy Pitchford focuses on Gearbox Studios

Gearbox is undergoing minor restructuring as the company focuses on more transmedia (movies, TV shows, etc.) opportunities. Co-founder Randy Pitchford is stepping down from his role as software division president to focus on the new Gearbox Studios film and television arm. Pitchford will still be active at Gearbox as a whole, and will remain CEO and President of Gearbox Entertainment – the umbrella under which all other Gearbox divisions report. Former chief technology officer Steve Jones will now serve as president of Gearbox Software.

The structure now sees Gearbox Entertainment at the top (headed by Randy Pitchford), which includes Gearbox Publishing, Gearbox Software, and Gearbox Studios (headed by Steve Gibson, Steve Jones, and Pitchford, respectively) nestled.

Pitchford has been a bit of a controversial figure when it comes to all things Gearbox, especially when it comes to: the border areas franchisee. He spent more than two decades at Gearbox Software, where he was accused of embezzling $12 million as a bonus to the border areas development team (the suit was rejected), attacking Claptrap voice actor David Eddings and lying about voice actor leaving. He also thinks of failed hero shooter Battleborn ‘the leader of the genre’, whatever that means. There’s also the now infamous Medieval Times/USB drive incident, of course.

These Gearbox Entertainment leadership shuffles are primarily aimed at focusing on media projects in addition to AAA video games. In his announcement tweet, Pitchford explains that he will “continue to wear a creative hat with different creative touchpoints around the business”. Gearbox Entertainment does not have an official Chief Creative Officer to avoid homogenizing their projects. He adds that “nothing will change” for those already working under him, but his duty is “to be accountable and accountable for high-level creative and business strategy.” Simply put, Pitchford will focus more on the business side of the business, but will still be there to provide creative input, which is largely consistent with his overall role at Gearbox thus far.

In particular, Pitchford will focus on building the business side and transmedia efforts of the new Gearbox Studios division, which is currently working on a live-action film adaptation of border areas. With the recent acquisition by Embracer Group, Pitchford states that Gearbox Entertainment is “just getting started”. In addition to the “explosive transmedia business” at Gearbox Studios, Pitchford teases that there are multiple triple-A titles in development at Gearbox Software and that there are “many more” in the pipeline.