Strike from the shadows in the latest Rogue Company update

rebel companyThe new update of is full of improvements, style and improvements! A new ranked season presents a unique challenge, while opportunities to earn rewards and upgrade your wardrobe spring from the new Black Ops Battle Pass!

Flaunt some new spec-ops inspired cosmetic gear on your team with the Covert Ops Battle Pass! With new outfits for Ronin, Kestrel, Saint, and Mack, being undercover certainly doesn’t mean these rogues are still out of style, especially with Ronin’s legendary Shadow Specter outfit. The Mythic Major Danger and Legendary Rising Dragon weapon wraps also make their Battle Pass debut, giving you more ways to show off to your friends (and foes).

Embrace the fashion of the future with a new starter pack in the store! This pack includes the Anajani Dahlia outfit inspired by the in-game fashion brand. You’ll also receive the Optical Camo Primary Weapon Wrap and 300 Rogue Bucks to upgrade your style in the in-game store. Get the new pack to stand out from the crowd!

Rogue Company - Active Saint Project

Along with the Battle Pass are more exciting changes and quality of life improvements as part of Project Saint! The rebel company The team has made adjustments to rogue identity in the form of speed and toughness in the latest update. Each rogue will now have a speed rating and stamina rating ranging from one to five stars; two stars represent the baseline, and each rating above or below represents a 5% change in that trait. This trait can be found in the Rogue section of the main menu and on the character selection screen.

In addition to the speed and toughness upgrade, there are also several new perks to customize your desired playstyle. The Energize perk will make your ability recharge faster; Gunsmith will improve your magazine size and drop ranges; Volatile will make your damage over time effects more powerful. Other perks will also carry over to core game modes such as Crackshot, Bulletproof, and Restock. However, that won’t be all for this next update; You can also look forward to perk gear updates, new gadget sets, and other cool features to come!

Last but not least, grab your trusted friends and jump into the ultimate ranked season! All of these exciting changes are sure to shake up the season and give you exciting moment-to-moment gameplay with your favorite Rogues.

play the newest rebel company Upgrade for free on Xbox One X|S today!

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