Suda 51 wants to make a Marvel game

Grasshopper Manufacture: CEO Goichi Suda, aka Suda 51, has revealed that his studio is in talks with Marvel Studios to collaborate on a game. This will likely take place alongside the three other new IPs the studio plans to release in the coming years.

The Future Projects of Grasshopper Manufacture

Suda 51 has long wanted to make a Marvel game, and first spoke about the idea in an August interview, featuring his favorite IPs. Deadpool, Shatterstar or Mercury. The CEO has now revealed how his studio was in talks with Marvel Studios to discuss the “opportunity to work on something together” in an interview with Vending machineas translated by VGC:

From now on, we want to create three new IPs and launch them one by one. However, we also said that we want to create IPs based on attractive original works, if any. I think that will depend on the discussions we have with Marvel Studios. If Marvel Studios comes up with something good, we’ll think about it.

I’m sorry, I said that top to bottom, I’m just kidding. But we’ve had a few meetings with Marvel and we’ve talked about the possibility of working on something together. We hope the power of video games will help increase these opportunities.

The studio also has plans to create three new original IPs over the next ten years that will be launched “one by one”. At the time, Suda was working on five projects, although it doesn’t sound like a Marvel game is one of them yet.

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