Sylvester Stallone seems to hate Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is a beloved director in Hollywood, but not everyone accepts him. And it seems that Sylvester Stallone is one of them.

Director Quentin Tarantino He is one of the most important filmmakers in the history of cinema. However, he is also an eccentric and highly controversial person. Many actors would fight madly to work with him, but there are others who have turned down roles in his films. One of them, for example, is Sylvester Stallone. In fact, the man who gave birth to Rocky Balboa He has rejected it twice!

After starting with Reservoir Dogs and burst the public with pulp fiction, Quentin Tarantino’s career took off in a meteoric way until reaching our days. The filmmaker has stated countless times that he will retire after making ten movies. That means he chooses his projects and the people he works with very carefully. And that is why there is so much expectation when a premiere of his arrives. He has repeated with many, obviously. We can mention Samuel L Jackson, uma thuman or Leonardo Dicaprio. That’s why it’s surprising that Sylvester Stallone turned him down twice.

Sylvester Stallone’s career on the big screen began in 1989 with small roles. His big break came in 1976 with the film Rocky. Since then, “Sly” has mostly played action heroes, tough guys who are always in the middle of a war. His filmography could have been expanded with two Quentin Tarantino films that, curiously, are at opposite ends of his trajectory. We are talking about Jackie Brown Y Deathproof. Be that as it may, the actor rejected both offers for various reasons.

The two moments in which “Sly” rejected the director of ‘Pulp Fiction’

Based on the novel Rum Punch from Elmore Leonard, Jackie Brown tells the story of a flight attendant who is caught smuggling weapons and must choose between teaming up with the police to arrest her smuggling boss or keeping quiet and going to jail. In 2012, speaking to MacLean’s magazine, Sylvester Stallone revealed that he was offered the role of louis gara, a petty criminal and ex-convict. She turned it down (without revealing why) and the role eventually went to Robert DeNiro.

Years later, Quentin Tarantino would approach “Sly” again to offer him a more important role: Stuntman Mike in Death proofyour joint project with Robert Rodriguez. The story is about a guy who murders young women with modifications because, according to him, they are “death proof”. Sylvester Stallone told the director that “no way” was going to play Stuntman Mike when he was the father of two daughters and the leading man’s hobby was “put teenagers in your car and crash them into a wall”. That did not seem right to him and so she rejected him.