Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick is ‘very convinced’ of adding NFTs to games like GTA

In recent months, many figures from the video game industry have come out, both in support of and against NFTs. Following on from this example, Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, has also emerged as a proponent of the crypto-backed scheme, albeit with a few caveats.

As part of the quarterly earnings call, Zelnick spoke about the company’s future after its acquisition of mobile games company Zynga, and the opportunity to add digital goods to its games.

Why Take-Two sees ‘opportunities’ in NFTs

Speak with gamesindustry.biz, Zelnick admitted that skeptics can do things right, citing stereoscopic 3D technology as an example. However, Zelnick also mentions that they aren’t always correct either.

And in the case of NFTs, Zelnick says the company firmly believes; understandable, given that Take-Two has made literally millions from buyable vehicles and items in virtual worlds like GTA Online. In that sense, the CEO says they “believe in rare goods… [and] collectibles.”

However, there’s still one aspect of NFTs that Zelnick doesn’t like: speculation.

We want to ensure that consumers always have a good experience every time they visit our properties. And losing money to speculation is not a good experience, so we stay away from speculation.

The sentiment is odd, as one of the main selling points of NFTs is that people can buy them as a form of investment. Speculation and the prospect of making a profit from your purchase is just part of the territory. It’s a sentiment that likely stems from past examples of companies receiving backlash over their involvement in the crypto space.

That said, Zelnick hasn’t ruled out the possibility of bringing NFTs into Take-Two games. Quite the contrary, as Zelnick says, the company “has a strong belief that NFTs could be a good fit with Take-Two’s offerings in the future.” This raises the possibility of NFTs appearing in video games from the Grand Theft Auto series to Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, and many more.

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