Take-Two does not seem ready with acquisitions after Zynga takeover

GTA publisher Take-Two recently acquired mobile games giant Zynga for $12.7 billion. Despite the fact that the company had to grab a lot of money for this, it does not seem ready with any acquisitions yet.

On Video Games Chronicle informed Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick that the company will continue to adopt this approach to acquisitions and also continue to look for new acquisitions.

“And our approach to acquisition remains the same, which is that we look for great teams, great intellectual property and increasing transactions.”

The fact that the company has made a significant investment is no reason for the CEO to worry. Despite the considerable amount of money, he also expects to generate a lot of new income from the games (such as Farmville) offered by Zynga. The company will therefore continue to be active in the market with regard to possible purchases.

“We expect to continue to generate positive cash flow once the transaction closes and we expect the transaction to grow, so we will be in a strong position to continue acquiring.”

We are curious what else the publisher has in store. With the takeover of Zynga, it seems at least to make it clear that they want to do more with mobile games. Perhaps they will (also) do something with cloud gaming after this?! In any case, we’ll keep an eye on it for you!