Team Asobi, the developers behind Astro’s Playroom are making another 3D action game

Highly acclaimed Team Asobic that were recently added to the PlayStation Studios family after being extended by consuming what was Japanese Studio currently working on another one 3D action game after their hit title on the PS5, Astro’s playroom.

Spotted by website Game route is a vacancy on LinkedIn from the developer, hiring a game developer with a primary focus on level design. What’s curious, though, is that the rest of the list sounds very much like this new game will be a continuation of the Astro franchisee.

The offer calls for someone who can bring humor and creativity to their work, and levels of design that provide great pace and creative situations. These questions could be for any number of games, of course, but come from the developer whose last two titles are centered around Astro, and with PSVR 2 on the horizon, it would be a surprise if at least one of their projects didn’t have something with Play station‘s second favorite robot.

Source – [Gaming Route]