Techland supports Dying Light 2: Stay Human for 5 years after launch

Dying Light 2: Stay away from people release is finally upon us this upcoming one February 4, 2022 and though it will be a festive day for Techland, their time with the game is not over.

In fact at least it is 5 years of being over, according to Techland’s influencer lead, who tweeted the news that the studio is committing to supporting the game 5 years after launch.

The first Extinguishing light game was well supported with post-launch DLC, which are all bundled into one big collection for players. It’s no surprise that Dying Light 2: Stay Human receive the same kind of support.

It might be a bit much to think that this new content would potentially add another 500 hours of gameplay, but it’s worth looking forward to nonetheless.

In others Dying Light 2: Stay Human news, it was only recently that we learned cross play support between generations and platforms will not be available at launch.

Source – [Twitter]