Tekken X Street Fighter not cancelled, Harada issues statement

Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada has provided clarification after a mistranslated subtitle of his own YouTube show sparked headlines calling for the cancellation of Tekken X Street Fighter.

To be clear, the mistranslation wasn’t a problem on our part as the subtitles apparently hadn’t been vetted when Harada published the video. He apologized for “misleading” viewers and said he is still “hopeful” that Tekken X Street Fighter‘s development will resume “when the opportunity arises.”

To make sure there are no more misunderstandings, we share below the relevant part of Harada’s post (literally), which he published via TwitLonger:

For some reason, the meaning of the word ‘Okura-iri’ is ‘Project has died’, but the original meaning of ‘Okura-iri’ is ‘stay on the shelf’ or ‘put away’. Contracts with artists and contributors outside of development are subject to terms and conditions, including duration, so we do not own the rights to them indefinitely. It is therefore in storage for the time being. You can see that the original Japanese and the English subtitles give a very different impression (so people who can hear Japanese are not really interested in this topic).

In any case, the status is not much different from the status I told you about earlier. Well, that the status hasn’t changed is not nice for us and for you.

We are still hopeful that TKxSF will resume development when the opportunity arises. However, such a title can not only be moved for the convenience of one company in terms of marketing and branding, and it also affects each other’s development resources. For now, we’re just waiting for the right opportunity. This is sometimes a problem because it is very difficult to translate, including my way of speaking, and also because it is impractical for me to do all the caption checks for this volume.

So, back to the waiting game we go.