TemTem’s new PS5 update includes support for Cipanku Island, hideouts and activity map


Crema announced that a host of TemTem PS5 features will be added with today’s update for the game.

The first of these updates is Activity Card support for all in-game quests. Cipanku Island is the main new content added with this update and is a digital / electronic themed island. This island is also home to Digital TemTem, a new type of animal that humans have created in their Nanto labs.

This new island also brings Lairs, a brand new activity that houses Mythical TemTem. Lairs is a new group activity for three to five players, where each character has their own path to obtaining the Mythical TemTem.

You can now also quickly travel between islands for a fee, after completing a side quest in the city of Neoedo. All of these updates were detailed more on the PlayStation Blog

If you haven’t been able to watch the game yet, you can read our review from the game’s launch in December.

TemTem is now available for early access on PS5.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]