The 14 songs that sound in The Batman are filtered

The 14 songs that will sound in The Batman, its original soundtrack, have been leaked on the Internet from the official dossiers of the film.

There is less and less to see batman and it is normal that for this reason we are having so much official information from Warner Bros. Pictures. On March 4, the new iteration of the Bat Mancourtesy of a Robert Pattinson completely reborn that promises one of the most memorable interpretations of the character of DC Comics. Director Matt Reeves He has been working on this film for many years. And the quality is palpable in the environment.

One of the aspects that has drawn most attention to batman in their trailers it has been the music. But not only the extraordinary score composed by Michael Giacchino for the original soundtrack, but also the use of the songs. The original Warner film soundtrack. An original soundtrack that, from a leaked official dossier, we have been able to know that there are up to 14 songs. And it looks unbelievably awesome, if you take a look at it!

The 14 songs of batman that will sound in the film are the following:

  1. Piano Concerto No. 5 (Ludwig Van Beethoven)
  2. Frisk (Patrick Topping and Kevin Saunderson)
  3. Tesla (Corvad)
  4. Hot 44 (Baauer)
  5. Troop (Peggy Gou)
  6. Dido’s Lament (Tiffins Boys’ Choir)
  7. Requiem Op. 48 (Gabriel Fauré)
  8. Darkroom (Peggy Gou)
  9. I Have But One Heart (Al Martino)
  10. Dark (Alesso)
  11. I Will Fly (Dean Martin)
  12. Ave Maria (Paul Dano)
  13. Ave Maria (Jeff Kryka)
  14. Something In The Way (Nirvana)

Music could end up having narrative value

If we take into account all the interest that Matt Reeves has put into creating batman, we would not be at all surprised if this music had a particular value within the narrative. Y

We have heard in some trailers of the DC Comics movie how the music of Michael Giacchino, the main theme, that riff that gives us goosebumps, joins the rhythm of Something In The Wayone of the most famous songs of Nirvana Y Kurt Cobain. We’ll see how it all ends, but this looks amazing! Incredible!