The 2 great references to Batman in Marvel Studios

Batman is such an important character in popular culture that he has up to two references in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

In recent years, Marvel Studios Y DC Comics have been releasing movies in theaters of their most well-known characters. So there has been a confrontation to see which of the two brands is the highest grossing. For now, Marvel Studios it seems that he is winning, for that reason, it is curious that in his deliveries there are up to two references to Batmanespecially knowing their rivalry.

The director Chloe Zhao gave the clues as to why they didn’t mind making a reference to Batmansince according to her: “Everything that is mentioned, whether in words or visually, is a tribute. It’s a representation of love and admiration for this character.”

The two great references of the UCM to the Dark Knight.

The most obvious is in the movie The Eternalsas Karun (Harish Patel) introduces himself to Gilgamesh (Ma Dong-seok) as the butler of Kingo (Kumai Nanjiani). What Gilgamesh he replies: “Ah, butler… Like Alfred in Batman”.

The other reference is much more subtle, since in the car chase scene through the streets of Busan (South Korea) in the film Black Panther (2018), the villain Ulysses Klaus (Andy Serkis) He says: “Play music… Are we at a wake?” The song that starts playing is “Oops”interpreted by yugen blackrock, Vince Staples Y Kendrick Lamar. One of the verses we hear is «Stand behind my own bars, like a seasoned criminal. Gotham city streets. I’ll blame the Crushing any system». That’s how Marvel Studios makes a new reference to Batman mentioning the city of Gotham that will always be connected to the character of DC Comics.

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Here we leave you the song Opps – Vince Staples ft Yugen Blakrok (Lyrics):

The movies The Eternals Y Black Panther are available on the streaming platform Disney Plus. Meanwhile he Dark Knight will return to theaters in batman on March 4, 2022.