The Anacrusis celebrates the release of Mod Support with a 50% off sale this weekend

Return to Isolode and face new challenges with the Moderately extravagant update! We have just released our fifth monthly update for the anacrusis, which comes with our first couple of modder-created campaigns, a first look at our new weapon modding system, two new Holdout maps, and plenty of minor quality of life improvements and bug fixes. To celebrate, we’re giving everyone gun and sunglasses charms and launching our first in-game discount.

We’ve been taking player feedback since we launched in January and have made thousands of changes based on what you said. With the Moderately extravagant updateWe can promise you’ll see things you’ve never seen in a co-op shooter before, from pocket-sized black hole grenades to a weapon that stops time when you shoot an enemy.

Thanks to player feedback from Xbox Insiders and testing sessions, we’ve addressed a long list of player requests, including improved performance on all Xbox consoles, revamping controller input to feel more responsive, reworking the default gamepad settings, adjusting the brightness on the Flasher, encouraging new players to enable voice communications, adding robust in-game guides to help new players get started in the game more quickly, adding a ping system and more capable in-game emotes, enabling private servers and offline-only options, adding a second difficulty level, and much more. (You can see the full list of changes on our site.)

That’s it Moderately extravagant update! after taking the anacrusis for a spin, we’d love to hear what you think! Please Join our discord And let us know what you love, what you hate, and what you wish we were doing that we’re not!

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The Upbeat – Deluxe Edition

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This bundle contains the base version of The Anacrusis and The Anacrusis Infinity Pass.