The Batman confirms that there will be a spin-off in Arkham Asylum

The famous Arkham Asylum will be the center of the plot of another spin-off of The Batman. It has just been confirmed by its director, Matt Reeves.

batman It hasn’t hit theaters yet (we’ve already been able to see it, but we recommend it) and, nevertheless, it’s already set to be a box office hit. Warner Bros. Pictures you should be aware of this, because we already have two confirmed spin-offs in hbo max. Colin Farrell will reprise the role of Oswald Cobblepot in a television series that will explore his rise through the criminal underworld of Gotham City What The Penguin. In addition, we will also have another police spin-off starring the Gotham City Police Department. And it seems that we are going to have another one on the arkham asylum.

As explained by himself Matt Reevesthe Gotham City Police Department series will be set in the first year of BruceWayne as a masked vigilante. Keep in mind that batman takes place in the second year as a hero of Gotham City. It has been said that the story will take place from the point of view of one of Gotham City’s many corrupt cops. This means that James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) He will not be the protagonist of the HBO Max series.

The Penguin and other villains will have two spin-offs on HBO Max

«We’re doing a series about The Penguin and one of the best things about that is having Colin Farrell back. It’s like you’ve never seen it before. It’s so amazing… he steals the scene with his performance“explained the director of batman to the diary toronto sun. «During the filming process we thought we could do a series. I spoke to HBO Max and showed them some Colin Farrell scene in the movie. I explained to them what we could do, they gave me the green light for it«.

«We’re doing that and we’re also doing another series that connects to Arkham Asylum.Matt Reeves went on to explain. «We’re talking and thinking about the next movie, too; but to be honest, right now I really want the audience to connect with the first story. Actually I think they will because Robert Pattinson is an amazing Dark Knight.«.

batman opens this Friday, March 4 in theaters. Less is left!