The Batman copies Homer Simpson’s most absurd plan

Director Matt Reeves thought it was a good idea for The Batman’s villain to copy Homer Simpson.

Attention this article contains SPOILERS. The movie just came out batman in cinemas and shows us how the great hero of DC Comics You must stop Enigma while solving all of his puzzles. But curiously, it fails to stop the villain’s final plan, since the city of Gotham is flooded. something you already did homer simpsons to Springfield in the chapter of The Simpson titled Mom and Pop Art which premiered in April 1999.

The final conclusion of the film batman is that the vigilante should not be a symbol of fear or revenge, but of hope. Furthermore, we see all the inhabitants of Gotham helping the injured and victims of the flood. homer simpsons get something similar, because all the people of Springfield is impressed by his “construction site” and enjoy that moment in harmony.

They have given the coin back to the series.

The Simpson in the 33 seasons so far, he has always used references to movies and comics. Now, it has been the other way around and a film as important as batman has copied an absurd plan of homer simpsons. So we will have to wait to see if there is any reference to that in the series and they return the play to Matt Reeves.

But it is clear that they have used Batman many times in the series, for example with Bartman, the Simpsonmobile, the bat-signal, Adam West’s cameo and one of the funniest is when the sect of the movimentarios wants to break the will of homer simpsons and there is no way, until they hum the song of Batman of the 1960s by changing the hero’s name to the word “leader.” To which Homer replies “I adore the Leader” and already becomes a faithful follower.

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