The Batman Director Says He Would Never Work With Marvel

Would the director of The Batman work at Marvel Studios? Matt Reeves explains why he would never sign for the study chaired by Kevin Feige.

Matt Reeves has spoken many times about the doubts he had when taking on a film as big as batman. His lack of interest in entering the DC Extended Universeof a shared universe full of superheroes, made the filmmaker end up placing the story of this Bat Man in his own «Batverse». As expected, the Marvel Cinematic Universe It doesn’t catch his attention either. Basically, because it’s the same thing. «I have a lot of respect for Kevin Feige and the filmmakers who work at the MCU.“, said the director in an interview with Variety. «But to be honest, I just don’t know how I could live up to that.«.

«There has to be a space of discovery for me, where I can have some freedom to find my own way.“explained the director of batman about the very specific continuity of Marvel Studios. «If I have to go into something that’s already too established, I think I’d end up losing. And I don’t think they were particularly happy with me either, in that sense.«.

Matt Reeves: “If you want to make a movie that’s in theaters, you have to make a franchise movie. The public is there, even if they are not happy about it»

In recent years it has become clear that filmmakers need a very deep understanding of Marvel Studios’ extensive catalog of movies and television series to fully embrace the complexities of their shared universe. If that doesn’t appeal to Matt Reeves, it’s only fair to say so. Especially if what he wanted was to tell original stories, like the one seen in batman.

As for why the filmmaker ended up daring to fuck batmanReeves made the following reflection: «The industry has changed so drastically that if you’re going to make a movie that’s going to be in theaters, you’re not making anything that isn’t a recognizable franchise. The audience has gone into that territory. I’m not saying I’m happy about it, I’m just saying the situation is what it is.«.