The Batman has been inspired by The Godfather to create a character

One of the main characters of The Batman has been created from The Godfather, the legendary film by Francis Ford Coppola.

Less than a month left until batman hit theaters. The film starring Robert Pattinson will present to the public a new version of the Bat ManProbably the most important character in the history of DC Comics. The official trailers and promotion have raised the spirits of the fans. Everyone expects this film to be a real bombshell. And the latest rumors about the influence of The Godfather They have only increased that hope.

One of the characters of batman was inspired by the legendary film Francis Ford Coppolawhich this year will premiere a television series entitled The Offer. The character in question is Oswald Cobblepotbetter known among fans as The Penguin. The actor who will play the villain is Colin Farrellwho recently spoke at Movie Maker about the inspirations that have motivated the construction of his character in the film directed by Matt Reeves.

The neo-noir genre of the 70s will join the Italian-American tradition

«There are a lot of internal problems at Oswald Cobblepot. I think they are self-referential, more as a reference to Matt Reeves than to myself. The character of Fredo from ‘The Godfather’ has been a direct influence“, commented the actor of batman. «Matt wanted a character with real, lofty ambitions, but he never got the opportunity or opportunity to explore them. He was perhaps considered to be someone disabled, either psychologically or intellectually. Fredo dwarfs next to his brothers. Perhaps El Pingüino, in his life, was seen as someone untrained. That’s one of the things that moves him«.

In addition to The Godfather there are many other films that have influenced batman. to the tape of Marlon Brando Y Al Pacino join too Chinatown (1974), Klute (1971), All the President’s Men (1976) and a few more neo-noir titles from the 1970s. Not to mention the visual influence of the filmography of David Fincher in this new story Dark Knight.