The Batman: Matt Reeves had to call attention to Robert Pattinson

The director of The Batman, Matt Reeves, had to alert Robert Pattinson so that the actor fulfilled his voice work well.

The voice of Dark Knight on the big screen has always been one of the most important elements in the narrative of American films. DC Comics. We already talked about this the other day, as a result of some curious statements in which the previous work of Christian bale in the trilogy of Christopher Nolan. What we have seen in batman doesn’t look bad at all. It seems that Matt Reeves has managed to get the best out of Robert Pattinson, tonally speaking. However, that “perfect balance” of voice was not so positive the first time the actor used it.

Talking to the journalist and comedian Jimmy KimmelRobert Pattinson explained that he failed miserably early in production when he tried to use the whispered voice of the Bat Man on batman. «I wanted to do something radically different from what the previous actors had done and I started using a kind of whisper. I thought that since everyone had used a coarse and deep voice, I should do the opposite and become whispery.“explained the actor. «I tried to do it for the first two weeks and it was absolutely awful. Matt Reeves and the crew asked me to stop doing it«.

This was also done by Christian Bale in ‘Batman Begins’

«Thanks to Nick, who was the one who put the suit on me every day, I found out that Christian Bale tried to do the same thing in his first film.added Robert Pattinson about his voice on batman, directed by Matt Reeves. «If you listen to the first trailer of batmanbegins, you will hear his original voice. This I discovered doing only a couple of weeks ago. I find it very interesting«. Fortunately, she ended up finding the right voice for the character. “You feel when you hit the key. You put on the suit and end up talking in a certain way, “said the protagonist.