The Batman: Mysterious Ending Scene Explained

At the end of The Batman there is a mysterious scene and we are going to explain what its meaning is. This article contains spoilers!

What happens in that mysterious scene? Here we are going to offer you a The Batman ending explanationthe new movie Dark Knight. As you know, the new installment of the adventures of the Bat Man. If you haven’t seen the movie yet DC Comics, we recommend you leave this post. We are going to talk about spoilers, so it is preferable that you see the movie first. Warner Bros. Pictures. When you’ve seen her, then come back this way. If you have already seen it, you can stay.

Spoiler Zone

With that being said, let’s go with the end of The Batman and its possible explanation. At the conclusion of the film there is no post-credits scene, but there is a sequence that could have worked as a hook for a possible sequel. Perhaps a story Matt Reeves has left in the air, in case the film works at the box office. That scene takes place in the arkham asylumonce Enigma (Paul Dano) he has been captured and put in a cell. Evidently, his sentence takes place in the famous psychiatric hospital in Gotham City.

Explanation of the ending of the movie in Arkham Asylum

When he’s in Arkham Asylum batman, Enigma talks to an inmate whose cell is next to his. That mysterious recluse is none other than the jokercharacterized by Barry Keoghan. the actor of Eternals from Marvel Studios was rumored as the new Clown Prince of Crime and we already have confirmation that this will be the case. We have barely been able to see it, since it remains in the shadows, but it is clear that we are in front of the Joker in The Batman.

The character of the Joker does not appear almost, but leaves some seeds for a possible sequel. Those seeds are none other than a comeback. He says that in Gotham City they like reappearances a lot, referring to the fact that he already had his ups and downs with the Bat Man before batman. In fact, it is dropped that his current appearance is the fault of the physical violence exerted by the vigilante of the Gothic city. We haven’t seen him too much, but we can guess that he already has a previous relationship.

The door remains open in Batman 2 to a possible collaboration between Joker and Enigma. This would be a real bombshell, really. We don’t know if Matt Reeves will pick up this narrative arc for the sequel or if he’ll go the other way. He has said on more than one occasion that he finds it interesting to do something realistic with Mr. Cold. Of course, if Joker and Riddler team up as villains in a sequel… Things could get pretty serious!