The Batman poster hides a mysterious secret

This poster of The Batman hides a mysterious secret that has been revealed. Another clever way to advertise the film.

batman it’s proving that you can market a movie and be inventive at the same time. The promotion of the new film DC Comics is playing with certain narrative elements that inhabit the production and that “game” is being very well received by fans. The latest example comes from an official poster for the film directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson. It is a poster that hides a mysterious secret inside. ¡look how interesting!

As you can see, the poster of batman it seems “normal and ordinary”, it does not seem to have anything special. However, if you use black light and shine it onto the paper… the mysterious secret it hides is revealed! Some manual inscriptions made by the very same Enigma, the great villain of the film. You can then read some sentences said by the character played by paul dano and that we have already heard in the official trailers. What do you think of this subtle form of promotion?

The “Zodiac Killer” in the DC Universe

Enigma will be the great villain of batman. After a long time “in fallow”, the character of Edward Nigma will return to the cinema after the last iteration it had in batmanforever. Joel Schumacher’s 1995 film featured the actor Jim Carreymaking a comical and naive approach that has nothing to do with the new Matt Reeves proposal led by Robert Pattinson.

This time we will have a guy obsessed with the elite of Gotham City. A villain who has been inspired by the actual murders of the “Zodiac Killer”. Everything indicates that Enigma is going to have a brutal impact on the life of BruceWaynewhose family could also hide a series of secrets that could relate to the Dark Knight with the villain.

batman It premieres on March 4.