The Batman: When can we see the movie online

The world of streaming is moving faster and faster and many fans are wondering when we will see The Batman online. We answer that question!

when can we watch The Batman online on HBO Max? The new saga of Dark Knight It hits theaters around the world today. After the acclaimed trilogy of Christopher Nolan and the brief step Ben Affleck for him DC Extended Universeit is the turn of Robert Pattinson. For it, Matt Reeves he has departed from all previous versions and has made his own. In the same film, he will bring together cat woman, Enigma and The Penguinin addition to many other characters and actors who will kick off the so-called “Batverse”.

But when will we see it online in streaming? As a result of the pandemic, Warner Bros. Pictures began releasing its blockbusters simultaneously in theaters and HBO Max. It didn’t matter what movie it was, it came out in theaters and on a streaming platform at the same time. However, batman It will be the first Warner franchise to be released exclusively in theaters in this time of pandemic. HBO Max subscribers had gotten used to having it at home from day one, so many are wondering when they will be able to enjoy this movie online after March 4.

In less than a month and a half it will be available on HBO Max!

Even though batman Released only in theaters, fans won’t have to wait long to enjoy this three-hour movie at home. To our knowledge, Warner Bros. movies with this exclusivity have a 45-day box office window. That means we can watch The Batman online on April 19, 2022. That means just over a month since its theatrical release. Compared to the “pre-pandemic era” or even the competition from Marvel Studios, it is very little waiting time. Better for us!