The Batman: Why is the movie dedicated to Andrew Jack?

The opening credits of The Batman dedicate the Matt Reeves film to Andrew Jack. But who is this person? We explain it here!

Whom Andrew Jack? why the movie batman is dedicated to this person? When Ben Affleck abandoned his role as Bat Man at DC Extended Universe, Warner Bros. Pictures decided to reboot the character once again in the cinema. I would do it in the hands of Matt Reeves, director of the modern saga of Planet of the Apes. batman presents to BruceWayne from Robert Pattinson in his second year as a vigilante, while Enigma (Paul Dano) exposes the corrupt history of the city. In addition to these two, we will also see other characters such as cat woman and The Penguin.

As usual, the credits of batman They highlight all the people linked to production. At the same time, viewers will be able to enjoy the soundtrack of Michael Giacchino. There is no post-credits scene, by the way. Also seen are the names of some major comics artists in the history of the Dark Knight. It is the case of Jeph Loeb or Frank Miller, inspirations for Matt Reeves. Interestingly, before finally dismissing the film completely, the credits of batman they reveal that the film is dedicated to a guy named Andrew Jack. This is how they explain it in ScreenRant.

The “dialect trainer” passed away from the coronavirus early in production on March 31, 2020.

Andrew Jack’s name may not be widely recognized by the public, but he is a dialect trainer in batman. The reason the movie is dedicated to him is because he passed away during production. The filming of the Warner Bros. Pictures film took place at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and Andrew Jack contracted the disease in early 2020. Unfortunately, he died on March 31 of that same year due to the coronavirus. batman it is dedicated to Andrew Jack to remember his work on the film and to honor his memory. He has an extensive career of more than 40 years of experience.