The Batman will tell a very strange and different origin

Bruce Wayne’s origin in The Batman will have nothing to do with what we know. Robert Pattinson talks about how weird and different he is.

batman It may be the introduction of a new version of Bat-Man, but the film is not going to be an origin story. He has been described as sort of “Year Two” of Bruce Wayne’s struggle as a Gotham City vigilante. And, apparently, the new film of DC Comics it will not retell how the superhero became the Dark Knight. He will directly tell the story with the character already established in a universe with his own mythology.

However, although we are not going to see it in the film, the origin of Bruce Wayne has been important when developing batman. In fact, Matt Reeves Y Robert Pattinson have talked about the origin of this new version of the hero and why he does what he does. At a special press event in Warner Bros. Pictures Held in Los Angeles, the director and the actor shared their thoughts about this specific aspect of the film, which will not be but has been taken into account.

The strange origin of Bruce Wayne in the new movie

«We argue a lot about this«, Robert Pattinson began to explain about batman. «It’s funny, because you want to avoid doing an origin story and at the same time, it’s a new version of the character. And you’re so aware of the origins that you end up trying to reproduce it in the subtext and in little moments. Hopefully, it’s understood. It’s also a bit different than the traditional origin story. Bruce Wayne doesn’t leave Gotham, he trains and then returns as a fully transformed and powerful Dark Knight. He’s also not the traditional billionaire playboy type of character. Something has happened in his past. There is too much trauma, too much tragedy for him to get over.«.