The best thing about Marvel Studios is that anything is possible

The Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe is expanding to unsuspected limits and it also does not seem that they are going to stop.

The head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has revealed that the best part of the work process is the moment when you sit down with your creative team and think about where the stories they have going are going. But in addition, there are no limits, since everything is possible.

This is how he has revealed what the creative process is like:

“Sitting in a room, in this case it was a conference room at Marvel Studios, with the team is always my favorite part of the process, where anything is possible.”

So they worked for Spider-Man: No Way Home:

“We knew coming out of ‘Far From Home’ that we didn’t want to get around the fact that his identity is now revealed, it’s out there, and that was certainly always the starting point, and with Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna and our director Jon Watts and Amy Pascal sat down and started brainstorming, what happens next? What happens to him when he starts to do it, when he walks away from Madison Square Garden, where that big television screen revealed his identity? And how does your life turn upside down? Most importantly, how does it affect your friends? “

He also revealed that bringing Alfred Molina back was one of his great ambitions:

“Peter Parker can handle a lot of things, but when he begins to see that his friends are unfairly affected by his actions, it really drains him emotionally. So it was always early where it was, and we had a lot of fun discussions, always having a discussion of: You know what would be cool? It would be great if we did this, it would be great if we did that. Like I said, I’ve always said that if we ever brought Doctor Octopus to Marvel Studios, we would have to bring Alfred Molina. And how would you do it? We thought that one day it might be fun.

All the movies of Marvel studios are available in the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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