The big difference between Ikaris and Superman

Ikaris and Superman may look alike, but the director of The Eternals reveals the big difference between them.

The movie The Eternals (2021) introduced a host of characters to the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. But without a doubt the one that stood out the most was ikaris from Richard Madden, since it is very strong, fast, flies and shoots lightning from its eyes. So comparisons with Superman are evident, although later he shows to have certain hidden intentions that are not usually common in the man of steel.

In a recent interview, the director of Los Eternos Chloe Zhao, spoke of the difference between ikaris Y Superman.

“We wanted to make sure we separated Ikaris from Superman as much as possible. Superman has heat vision while Ikaris has more of an energy blast. So when creating the sound for Ikaris’ eye beams, sound designer Addison Teague put more emphasis on power, the sound of power, impact and pressure to make it sound unique.”

They put a lot of emphasis on the sound of each character’s powers in The Eternals.

The sound of ikaris was designed to be different from Superman, but the rest also had to be unique. This has been assured Chloe Zhao:

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“It feels almost elemental. We wanted all of his powers, even from the opening scene when you see the little sphere coming out of Ajak’s chest and going into Ajak’s chest, there’s kind of a buzz. And with Sprite’s illusions, there’s a water element as we always use the sound of different types of sacred worship, like a Tibetan singing bowl or, you know, Druig’s mind control is more like a whisper, a chant. So, Addison took all these different types of worship sounds to create the Eternals’ powers sounds. Impressive”.

Ikaris or Superman? Which of the two characters do you like more? Unfortunately, it seems that we will see little of the hero of Marvel Studios because he had a tragic end in the movie The Eternals. Although in the comics he’s been resurrected a couple of times, so you never know what they’ll offer us in the next few years.

Currently, this film can be enjoyed on the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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