The brutal Fan Art of Barry Keoghan as Joker in The Batman

This spectacular Fan Art of The Batman imagines Barry Keoghan as The Joker and it has given us goose bumps. What madness!

It is being the big buzz of the week. Yesterday we already told about it on our website, but today we insist on it again. Everything points to Barry keoghan will be The joker in The batman! It is not confirmed, but the actor who gave life to Druig in Eternals aim to be the new Clown Prince of Crime cinematographic of Dc comics in the movie of Matt reeves Y Robert Pattinson.

I said: this is not confirmed. However, the fans have not wanted to miss the opportunity granted by the rumor mill and have already imagined what the actor would be like in the skin of the legendary villain of the Bat Man. The great nemesis of Bruce wayne, if the information that signals its next appearance turns out to be true, it could come to be seen in this amazing way:

The Batman: Barry Keoghan's Joker Fan Art

What opinion do you deserve? We confess that if we see something like this in the cinema we can completely lose our minds in the armchair. Please make this Fan Art come true!

A film that will mark a before and after

We do not remember any movie of the DC Universe In recent years it has raised such a general level of expectation, especially in the vast majority. The movement of the Snyder cut He achieved something incredible in a single sense, delighting all those who defended the vision of the filmmaker, bringing together in a single movement those who wanted only that vision.

Leaked The Joker in the movie The Batman

But nevertheless, The batman has managed to awaken the hype generally. Almost every superhero and character lover is looking forward to seeing it. The trailers have garnered a unanimous reception and social networks have overflowed. Without a doubt, it is the premiere of the year. And we are going to be lucky enough to be able to experience it with all of you and share it, whether Barry Keoghan’s The Joker comes out or not.