The director of The Batman responds to the haters of Robert Pattinson

Matt Reeves, director of The Batman, has spoken about Robert Pattinson’s haters and has wanted to respond to the hatred of social networks.

Since he was confirmed to star batmanthe actor Robert Pattinson He has had many lives. At first, viewers were suspicious of this choice, although the director today explained that he was very clear about it from the first day he saw it. Matt Reeves has wanted to talk about all that hatred that fell on the young interpreter who would do the new version of the Dark Knight. The director of the movie DC Comics He wanted, in some way, to respond to all those haters who harshly criticized the choice of an actor with a truly stellar career.

«There has not been an actor, when it was announced that he was going to play Batman in a film, who did not receive negative reactionsReeves explained to Esquire. «People who were excited knew it was because they knew about Rob’s post-Twilight work.«. In this the filmmaker is absolutely right. All the actors who have given life to the Bat Man They have received harsh criticism from day one. Starting with the very Michael Keatonnow an established actor in Hollywood.

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Before batman and Robert Pattinson we had Ben Affleck. His version of Gotham bat, now a dream characterization, was not well received in its day. All superhero fans remembered the mess that resulted from Daredevil and directly accused Ben Affleck of it. They feared that history would repeat itself, instead of allowing them to see his version of BruceWayne.

The director has also explained the makeup of the actor

One of the coolest details that awaits us in the film is the makeup that Bruce Wayne uses every time he goes out to fight in the streets of Gotham City. «You can’t wear a hood and not wear that dark makeup. All the bats have carried it“, assured the filmmaker. «I loved the idea that he took off his mask and there was sweat underneath. He gives it a lot of theatrics when it comes to transforming into the vigilante«. Robert Pattinson’s The Batman opens on March 4.

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