The director of The Bourne Case talks about the similarity to James Bond

Director Doug Liman claims that the new James Bond films have copied the tone of his popular franchise, The Bourne Affair.

Director Doug liman released in 2002 the first installment of The Bourne Affair. Some movies of espionage that presented a tone much darker to genre. The movies starred actor Matt Damon. Later, the actor Jeremy renner I take over in the Bourne Legacy. The tone of The Bourne Affair, loaded with espionage, secret intelligence and mystery wrapped in a darker look inspired spy movies that they were released later. In particular, Doug Liman claims that his Bourne inspired the new James Bond movies.

This is how the director tells it in an interview with SlashFilm. Doug Liman says The Bourne Legacy arose from his frustrated dream for not being able to direct a James Bond movie. So Liman ventured to create his own universe of spies and secrets. After its premiere, the James Bond saga launched Royal Casino. Daniel Craig’s first film as Bond received good reviews. But Doug Liman can’t help but see the resemblance to his Bourne. The director ensures that the similarity in tone is indisputable and that the influence is present.

“I’ve always wanted to direct a James Bond movie, but they don’t direct American directors. In addition, he had directed two independent films. You’re never going to be able to direct a James Bond movie. So I went and did The Bourne Case and after the Bourne Case came out, the next James Bond movie came out, which was Casino Royale. This one totally copied Bourne’s tone. I had a pretty surreal experience where I was doing the Bourne Case because I wanted to make a James Bond movie, and then Bond copied Bourne. “

For its part, the saga of James bond has since followed the dark tone, which now characterizes Daniel Craig. Especially in Skyfall and everything indicates that it will be repeated in No time to die, which opens this year. And even though several have passed years since the premiere of Casino Royale, the director of The Bourne Affair still doesn’t know how process similarity between both tapes. Doug Liman admits he doesn’t feel annoying, but not flattered either. If not what is a feeling of confusion.

“I didn’t know how to process this. he didn’t know if he had gotten what he wanted or not. It is beyond my power of reason to know how to feel about that. It is probably an unsatisfactory answer. Saying I’m upset or flattered would be easy. But I’m still confused about how to feel about this.