The director of Venom charges against film critics

Ruben Fleischer, director of Venom, attacks film critics and speaks of the injustice of how they treated the first installment of the villain.

Even if Venom: There Will Be Carnage fared a little better with critics, the first installment in the adventures of the symbiote of Tom Hardy It wasn’t exactly well received. All things considered, it only got a 30% rating on the web Rotten Tomatoes. Paradoxically, however, both films performed remarkably well at the box office. And, in addition, they have a much higher rating among fans. That must mean something, right?

It’s true that studios don’t tend to pay too much attention to negative reviews, as long as the movie is a success. However, directors are something else entirely. Despite what many may claim, no filmmaker wants to see his work undervalued. That is why it is not surprising that Reuben Fleischerdirector of Venomhas admitted that he was both surprised and disappointed by the poor critical reception of the first installment of his Marvel.

Critics and the public are often at odds

«I’m not going to lie, the reaction of the critics is a bummer because you work too hard at something to be valued like that“said the director of Venom exclusively for Comic Book. «Having seen the film with the public, I know how much they enjoyed it. That’s why I was surprised by how negative the critics were. And I think it’s totally unjustified, because the audience really loved the movie. Otherwise it would not have been as successful as it was. It is discouraging that there is this kind of association«.

However, Ruben Fleischer fails to take into account that blockbuster movies often have nothing to do with their quality or their critical reception. In fact, we are more than used to the public and film critics walking down different streets. The strange thing is when they shake hands and go together, for better and for worse. Either way, Venom It was a resounding box office success and the second one was also convincing. We’ll see what ends up happening with this franchise, but it’s time to see him take on spider-man once and for all, be it Tom Holland or the one of Andrew Garfield.