The Eternals: Wikipedia spoiled the entire plot of the film

After so much waiting, The Eternals they hit theaters around the world and one fan decided to post fake spoilers on Wikipedia.

Ever since Marvel Studios announced The Eternals, studio fans have been eager to find out all the details about this movie. Little by little, the members of its cast, its director, the trailers and the plot that it would tell were revealed. Without a doubt, viewers were facing another very ambitious title from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and they did not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy that story in the cinema.

Finally, The Eternals they hit theaters in different countries. However, not all MCU fans have already had the opportunity to see the film on the big screen. Therefore, when Wikipedia released more information about the film’s plot, many Marvel fans erupted in fury. The famous data-gathering page had shared major spoilers; however, it was a joke from a fanatic.

A fan’s joke

According revealed the CBR portal, a fan decided to play a prank on the public and internet users. Through Wikipedia, a page that can be modified by anyone, he shared details that pretended to be important and spoilers. However, according to the media outlet, it was completely false information that never occurs in the Marvel movie.

The synopsis of The Eternals on Wikipedia revealed details about the Eternals, their creation and why they were hidden for so many years. In addition, it also explained that Thanos’ snap awakened the shells and endangered the citizens of planet Earth. However, these details could be seen in the trailers. But what angered the fans, were the “spoilers” that appeared below: betrayals between eternals, Kro learns of the plans of his rivals and that Thena, Angelina Jolie’s character, ends up bowing before the villain. Although this scandal was the fault of a prankster fanatic, the film has been criticized on other occasions.