The Expendables 4 has a brutally high budget

Although this is a fast-paced action saga, none of the films before The Expendables 4 had had such a huge budget.

For the movie The Mercenaries 4 actors such as Sylvester Stallone, Megan Fox, Jason Statham, Iko Uwais, Andy Garcia, Dolph Lundgren, 50 Cent, Tony Jaa, Levy Tran, Jacob Scipio, Nicole Andrews, Randy Couture, Sheila Shah, Cokey Falkow, Eddie Hall, Jason Lines and Daren Nope. It also has a budget that allows it to enter the list of the 50 most expensive films in history.

According Dolph Lundgrenthe budget of The Mercenaries 4 is double the previous one. Which means that it has cost about 200 million dollars. This puts it on a par with franchises like Marvel Studios, starwars, DC Comics or fast and furious. Which causes a much higher HYPE for knowing what they have prepared for the new installment.

Remember that the first cost about 80 million dollars and raised about 274 million. While the second increased the budget to 100 million obtaining 314 million dollars and the third also opted for 100 million although it had a commercial downturn since they only got 214 million worldwide. But we must remember that it suffered a piracy attack and this film was traveling the internet 3 weeks before its theatrical release, which could have caused it to obtain less money.

This explains it Dolph Lundgren: “Well, it’s definitely bigger. I mean, the budget is probably at least double what the last one was, I think. It’s a special franchise, because a lot of these action franchises today are based on superheroes and are for young viewers. So there is no blood. Nobody dies. People are banished to another universe.

“But Expendables 4 is old school. Unfortunately, people blow up and shoot, and there are real fights and real stunts. So I think with that kind of focus, plus the fact that we have… You know, Megan Fox is on it, 50 Cent is on it. He and I have a lot of scenes together. Andy Garcia. There’s some new blood, and I think there’s some excitement, testosterone-driven excitement that hopefully people will want to see.”

They bet on the R rating.

Although it has a budget of 200 million dollars, the film The Mercenaries 4 It will be released under the R rating. This causes much less people to go to the cinema to see it, since, for example, the premieres of superheroes and action movies are usually PG-13, that is, minors of that age can enter accompanied. But it’s clear that Sylvester Stallone and the director Scott Waugh (Act of Valor and Need for Speed) want to bet on more adult viewers and that is why they will be able to show more violence than other stories.

The Mercenaries 4 It will be released in 2022. Do you want to see it? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.