The failure of The Suicide Squad causes Marvel Studios to change plans

In Marvel Studios they study the behavior of the spectators when they go to the movies, that’s why they were attentive to the collection of The Suicide Squad.

It is clear that Marvel studios has not invented superhero cinema, since long before it was released Hombre de Hierro (2008) we had seen movies of the X Men, Spider-man, Superman or Batman. But it must be recognized that they have managed to create a franchise that connects very well with viewers. Whether it’s the comic book experts you gift with clever little details and references, or the people who just like to go to the movies and have a fun time. So one of the great keys to their success is that they know how to reach as many people as possible and also observe what the successes and failures of their competition are. Now they have been surprised by the failure of The Suicide Squad, but it also helps them make decisions in one direction or another.

The superhero genre has managed to stay very comfortable in the PG-13 rating zone. This means that minors in the United States must go to the movies with someone else. So it is difficult to watch movies with a higher rating like PG-17 or R. Although there are exceptions that have been incredibly successful, such as Deadpool (2016), Deadpool 2 (2018), Logan (2017) or Joker (2019). None of them belong to Marvel Studios and that is why they have been thinking about making more adult, violent and dark films for a while. But they have made important decisions by verifying that Warner Bros. has only raised $ 71 million with The Suicide Squad in its first days of release, with a budget that revolves around 200 million.

It must be remembered that they waited a long time until they released a film with a female protagonist and only when they saw the success of Wonder woman (2017) decided to do the same with Captain Marvel (2019) first and then Black widow (2021).

For now, the Disney method wins.

Yes The Suicide Squad would have had the expected success, surely Marvel Studios would have made the competition with a group of villains who meet in a more violent film than normal. But they are starting to dismiss that idea, so if we get to see the Baron Zemo, Abomination, US Agent and other dangerous characters together, as has been rumored. Without a doubt, the film or series will follow the usual line of the Cinematic Universe and will not look for something as violent as The Suicide Squad, where there are bloody deaths from the first minute.

Although for now there is an exception, since Deadpool 3 Yes, it will look like the two previous installments that were released with FOX. But for now there is a showdown between Disney Y Ryan reynolds for creative control. Since the film studio is censoring many things that are too exaggerated.

Would you like to see a Suicide Squad-style movie at Marvel Studios? While they are unveiling the plans they have, you can see all the deliveries in the Disney Plus streaming platform.