The first Xbox Series X reviews are online

xbox Series X box art

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is released a week earlier than Sony’s Playstation 5 for us in Europe. On November 5, 3:00 PM, the embargo for the console was lifted and the first reviews for the console appeared.

Microsoft is going for a seamless transition this generation. Switching from Xbox One to Xbox Series X or Series S does not involve many novelties, but more for a continuation, only better. Many of your previous Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games will also work on the next generation of Xbox. The menu has been given a facelift, but also on Xbox One, so you will not be in for a surprise here.

More power, better visuals and faster loading times. That is where you as an Xbox fan will participate in the coming period. There is no Xbox Series X launch title that can really show what the powerhouse has to offer, although there are plenty of games that play better from day one and look better on the new Microsoft consoles.

The already dozens of reviews on the internet do not say much new that we did not know yet. The previews already gave a good idea of ​​the possibilities and expectations. To make it easy you will find here a list back with a selected number of reviews for the new console.

November 10, Xbox Series X and Series S will be released in Europe, 9 days before the Playstation 5, where you will undoubtedly soon see the first reviews. Will you get started with the new Xbox later this month, or are you waiting for the Playstation? Which game will you get started with first on your new next-gen console?