The Flash’s cinematographer advances much of the film

The Flash’s cinematographer, Henry Braham, made some of the first official statements about the film. According to him, you can expect “a fantastic concept”.

The Flash is one of the most anticipated films of 2022. The film will mark the first time that the scarlet sprinter has had solo action on the big screen. Also, one of the facts that make the story even more striking is that it will return Michael Keaton What Batman.

In the same way, Ben affleck it will also bring the bat to life. It is hoped that they are not the only great characters in action of the DC Universe.

Given the great expectation for what this delivery will be, the director of photography of the same, Henry braham, gave the first words of an authoritative voice on what to expect.

“[The Flash] it goes great. I mean, it’s a complex movie, and it’s a fantastic concept to bring in generations of these types of comics. Again, it’s not really a comic book movie. It is not based on reality, but it is much more complex from a technical point of view. I think all the filmmakers are really interested that the technical complexity of the storytelling doesn’t get in the way of making good quality movies. Hopefully, I don’t think it will ever look like a superhero movie. It will look like a movie, and that’s what it is. I think that’s the way these things should go. We need to make great, great, great movies that have superheroes that have truthful characters behind them, with all the character flaws that we find in humanity. “, he claimed.

On the other hand, he spoke of one of the objectives of the project. “I think it can be beautiful and it can be emotional. On the one hand, you have the kind of technique of when, what and how. But it is like all cinema, it is about imagining an idea so that you do not think about it. You don’t think, ‘Oh’. It becomes a natural part of the storytelling, so yeah. It’s quite nice and fun to do ”, he complemented.

Source: Collider