The future of survival games begins with Ark 2

When Jesse, Jeremy, and the team at Studio Wildcard first released Ark: Survival Evolved back in 2015, we had no idea how big it would eventually become. It was beyond our wildest expectations that 7 years later we would be developing a narrative spanning eons across multiple games, a TV series, and starring none other than Vin Diesel as the key Ark hero, Santiago. And yet here we are, along with our wonderful players who have stuck with the Ark universe through thick and thin (Ragnarok!!) and bad (Nerf Flyer??), now with a much bigger canvas. bigger than ever. that is what ark 2 it is, the largest canvas ever created for primal survival experiences, a next generation framework for playing out your own survival stories.

ark 2The main narrative tells the story of a father and a daughter, Meeka (played by Auli’i Cravalho), of betrayal and broken promises, and the strength of the family bond, and of course it is a story of impressive giant dinosaurs. But more importantly, it’s about the players’ own stories, like any good persistent world online survival game, Survivors in ark 2 each has their own unique path through the game as they form their own tribe, make their own friends, and attempt to build their own creature-assisted civilization.

Ark 2 Screenshot

With ark 2we seek to not only improve the narrative and world-building of the game, but also tweak and improve every aspect of what constitutes an Ark game.

Chief among these redesigns are the core player mechanics. In the sequel, which is third-person only, the controls and movement for both players and creatures have been completely redesigned. Inspired by game systems like assassin’s Creedautomatic parkour and breath of the wildclimbing, player characters can now climb through the environment in a more realistic and free manner. With a focus on early-era combat (Santiago and Tek have a complicated relationship…), ark 2 it relies heavily on Souls-like action for its human-scale combat: an emphasis on dodging, blocking, light and heavy attacks, combos, and player mirroring ability, a rarity for the PvP survival genre. For creature-scale combat, suffice it to say for now that when you attack something with your T-Rex in ark 2the results are visceral: the attack animation actually hits the target hard (not “through” them), the victim’s flesh is ripped apart, and the target physically reacts in that location to the hit, all to convey the feeling. from the raw power of such a ferocious creature!

Ark 2 Screenshot

Another area that we’re particularly excited about is the world event system. Instead of just having a more or less static environment with easily predictable or repetitive occurrences from the first game, the new world event system is designed to ensure unique things are always available. happening all over the world, whether you are there or not. Events include procedurally dynamic scenarios such as meeting at watering holes, wounded creatures, tracking signs of advanced prey, stampedes, herds, defending endangered creatures to gain their trust, searching for lairs of parent creatures and their young, and more. Whether you choose to participate in these events is up to you, and each can bring unique rewards and challenges.

There are too many other areas of fundamental change in ark 2, whether it’s the new opposing force ‘Aratai’ having their own domes, new creature management systems and proper world maps, advanced component-based item creation allowing players to choose exactly how their team from millions of potential combinations, or the revamped building system that provides countless building options and lets you save and share building templates, or, or… well, there’s too much to go over here! You will get your first preview of the ark 2 gameplay in the future, and we think you’ll like what you see.

Ark 2 Screenshot

Finally, leaving perhaps the best for last, ark 2 adds a revolutionary new feature for console gamers: fully stackable user-created mods, even on unofficial servers, for the Xbox version of the game enabled through’s official mod support. This means that players who create mods using the PC version will be able to upload them to the cloud and make them available for all console players to enjoy as well. With this, as we have seen with Ark on PC, everything in the game can be effectively changed, improved, and redesigned: new creatures, new game types, new maps, new weapons and items, and mechanics (yes, modders can add a mode back in first person). With the power of Unreal Engine 5, the only limit will be the imagination of the content creators themselves. We are very excited to see the amazing additions that players will undoubtedly create in their mods and maps, and we think that having all that user generated content playable on console in ark 2With full cross-platform server integration, it’s going to change the nature of the genre forever.

In a nutshell: with ark 2our goal is to make the game we all wanted Ark be, now that we’ve had the time, resources, and knowledge to get it right. next year when ark 2 launches with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, we look forward to seeing you all in this new world of primal creatures and legendary heroes. Just keep an eye out for Vin: he likes to play on his Xbox Series X more than he might expect, and his ability to play a Giga is second to none.