The good patron elected best film at the Forqué awards

The good boss, the film directed by Fernando León de Aranoa won the award for Best Fiction or Animation Feature Film, and its protagonist Javier Bardem wins the trophy for Best Male Performance

The good boss is the Best Fiction or Animation Feature Film in the 27 José María Forqué Awards Y Iron wins the award for Best Fiction Series. In addition, both productions have obtained a second prize: Best Male Performance for Javier Bardem for his role in The good boss and Best Female Performance in a Series for Candela Peña for Iron.

In this way, the film by Fernando León de Aranoa produced by Básculos Blanco AIE, Reposado PC, Mediapro, RTVE, TV3 and Orange, which will fight for the Oscar Award nomination in its 94th edition, becomes one of the stars of the night thanks to her two recognitions: for Best Animation or Fiction Film and for Best Male Performance for Javier Bardem. The actor wins the coveted trophy in his third nomination with a performance that has dazzled critics and audiences since the film’s premiere at the San Sebastian Festival, and he hopes to win more awards at the next Feroz.

The great audiovisual festival held at IFEMA Palacio Municipal presented by Marta Hazas and Elena S. Sánchez and broadcast by La 1 de TVE and RTVE Play also awarded Iron, Movistar + series. The work created by Pepe Coira inscribed his name on two occasions in the list of Forqué, winning the awards for Best Fiction Series and Best Female Performance in a Series for its protagonist, Candela Peña, who gets the trophy in what is his second nomination in the Forqué.

In the acting section, Javier Cámara took the stage to collect the award for Best Male Performance in a Series for his work in Come on Juan (The Mediapro Studio, HBO Max), with what he achieved. In this way, Cámara achieves its second recognition in the Forqué after five nominations, since the first one who won, for Best Male Performance, he received earlier this year at the 26 Forqué Awards for his role in Sentimental, edition in which he was also a candidate in the category of Best Male Performance in a Series for Come on Juan.

Blanca Portillo closed the list of performance awards, taking the Forqué for Best Female Performance with his first nomination for his role in Maixabel. The actress remembered the recently deceased Almudena Grandes during her thanks, citing the writer to address her nomination partners: “Almudena Grandes used to say that there is no love without admiration and I admire you, therefore, I love you.”

In addition, the Icíar Bollaín film produced by Kowalski Films, Feelgood Media, Maixabel Film, ETB, RTVE and Movistar + won a second award, in this case, the Award for Cinema and Education in Values that recognizes productions for their ability to transmit principles as important as solidarity, camaraderie or integrity.

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Enrique Cerezo, who mentioned La Palma in his speech, was in charge of delivering the Gold Medal, an honorary award that EGEDA grants annually to recognize the work of industry professionals, to Jose Antonio Félez. Cerezo praised the career and work of the co-founder of Atípica Films, the “A great producer of well-known works such as AzulOscuroCasiNegro, El bola, La isla minim, La peste, Primos or The man with a thousand faces”, as well as his work within the Spanish audiovisual industry and his efforts to achieve the international projection of our film and television productions.

For his part, the honoree expressed his gratitude upon receiving the Gold medal: “I am very proud to receive an award granted by the producers and that my name, although last and corner, appears alongside others of undoubted merit”. Félez also highlighted the importance of the figure of independent producers, “Fundamental to guarantee the diversity and plurality of audiovisual production, the search and promotion of new talent, the training and progress of technical personnel, and technological innovation and renewal” in the industry.

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Another of the great moments of the evening was starred by the team of 100 days with the Tata, produced by Paciencia Films, which won the Forqué for Best Documentary Feature Film. The “Tata”, the main figure in Miguel Ángel Muñoz’s film, elicited an intense round of applause from the entire audience.

The film’s director dedicated the award to producer José Sámano and, of course, to the star of his documentary:To the most important woman in my life, along with my mother, who is my Tata, which has given me the opportunity to tell this love story “. Before leaving the stage after his speech, Miguel Ángel Muñoz asked the band for a microphone and returned to the stalls so that Tata could thankto all the world” visibly excited.

For its part, the award for Best Latin American Feature Film went to the Mexican Fire night, by Tatiana Huezo produced by The Match Factory, Desvia, Louverture Films, Cactus Film & Video, Bord Cadre Films, Jaque Content and ZDF, who dedicated the award to “All the women who live in the shadow of violence in Mexico and all those who continue to fight so that we can continue walking”. Finally, the award for Best Cinematographic Short Film went to him The invisible monster, by Javier and Guillermo Fesser produced by Pendleton Movies.

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The Forqué Awards gala traveled back in time with Javier Gurruchaga and other emblems of our music like Alaska, Burning, Invisible Dance, The Frontier, The Guard, The Secrets, Mikel Erentxun, Modesty Apart, Tennessee or Troglodytes to bring the eighties to the present. The move, an authentic cultural and creative explosion in our country, was the protagonist of the Forqué with interpretations of great musical hymns of the time, such as a version of The girl from yesterday by Ana Guerra, Who cares, Let me or Travel with us, as well as a medley unprecedented of great themes of the time performed by several iconic bands with which audiences and spectators alike vibrated.