The greatest technological advances during the 2000-2022 century

Published January 18, 2022

Technological advances

There is a lot that you use in everyday life without thinking that it only came about a few years ago. For anyone born before the 2000s, this may feel strange to think back on. But it is as true that what we love we take for granted as that the sun rises tomorrow.

Many people remember the cassette players, the home telephones that were connected to the wall and the receiver with a corkscrew cord. But what is it that everyday life consists of today that did not exist or even thought there was an opportunity to exist only a few years ago, it says to read about below.

Flat screen TV – 2000

At the beginning of the turn of the millennium came a new innovation that is now found in every home, a flat screen TV. In the memory of many, they remember the first television; they grew up with and it was large and clumsy and like a medium moving box in size. Nowadays you put down your new TV carefully so as not to ruin it when it hits the TV bench, before 2000 you put down the TV carefully so as not to accidentally destroy your fingers due to the weight.

Ipod – 2001

Spotify, Itunes, Youtube music and Amazon music unlimited Music streaming services used to listen to music in today’s world would not exist if their ancestor iPod was not invented. In 2001 came Apple’s biggest innovation that changed the music world forever. Before the Ipod, you had to walk around with some carefully selected CDs or bands together with a player if you wanted to listen to music. But Apple’s Ipod made it possible for the first time to walk around with your entire music collection on a small device at one and the same time.

Ipad – 2010

Though it was ten full years after the first tablet had launched and three years earlier that Apple had launched its first Iphone with innovative touch screen, they chose to take their time with their next innovation. The tablet is something that you almost forget that you have in the household today because it is almost too mundane so it is almost banal. But Apple waited with the launch to be able to listen to the users of the new technology so that they could be the best on the market once they unveiled their latest Tech and that was it.

Virtual Reality Headset – 2016

VR headsets have been a thing since before the 2000s but it was a revolution that did not happen when the will existed but not the technology. A few years later in 2012, the first VR glasses began to be scouted from all parts of the world. But it was not until 2016 that the dream and the technology had managed to find each other and the first Virtual Reality Headset was launched to a more than enthusiastic audience. Today, VR is used to build virtual worlds, attend gaming gatherings and play in poker tournaments Swedish online casino. Their evolution has been rapid and memorable.

Smart home – 2021

The intellectualization of homes used to have a different meaning before 2000, they used to mean that they owned many books and the walls showed a collection of certificates and study certificates. But nowadays smart home means that AI has taken place in more than just the phone and the computer. Smart TV that notices when viewers are no longer interested in what is shown on the screen, Alexa and Google Nest which adjusts the light level to remind what is on the shopping list. Personal AI that acts as the technological butler is now what a smart home is, and passé is to the diplomas that adorn the walls and now reminds of a bygone era.

Nowadays, almost everyone carries a personal butler in AI form wherever they go and many do not even give it a thought that it was not common. If you wanted to go around with a personal butler in the 2000s, you had to have much more than just a monthly payment of a few hundred kroner.

From 2000 to 2022

When you think back to what did not exist at the beginning of the 2000s and compare it with all the innovations that we take for granted in today’s 2022, it is almost impossible to try to figure out what the next innovation could be. There is a lot that the list above does not mention, but if it did, it would take a few weeks to read.

To have come so far in such a short time is remarkable. Not only are smartphones something of a daily reminder of progress but when you see a phone with a cork cord. From a TV in the size and thickness of a medium moving box to one that weighs less than a large milk package that notices when viewers leave the room. With all this together, the future that is now has become very convenient and you no longer have to worry about the internet connection when making a call.