The hard lesson offered by the great failure of X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Director and producer Simon Kinberg reveals what he learned after the huge flop of the X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie.

After many delays, changes and reshoots, it was released X-Men: Dark Phoenix in the midst of the great acquisition of FOX by Disney, which meant the return of the mutants to Marvel Studios. That movie was a box office flop costing about $200 million and grossing just $252 million worldwide.

Now the director simon kinberg wanted to recognize everything he learned thanks to X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

“I learned a lot because it was my first time directing something, you learn a lot from the first time you do something, I mean, the lessons would be too long for this conversation. But I learned a lot beyond directing and editing the film, I learned a lot about, you know, the marketing of the film, I learned a lot about dating and distribution and things that I thought I knew all from production. When you’re a director, you’re a little bit more immersed in the marketing process, creatively.”

“So what I learned from X-Men: Dark Phoenix, that I brought into this, was just to make sure that there’s not one category, department, or aspect of the movie that you take for granted. As a director, because there are so many people working at the same time trying to fulfill your vision, you can take some things for granted. If you don’t watch as hard as you can, you’ll end up with compromised versions of your vision.”

I think after seeing the result, it would be better if simon kinberg I would have learned never to be a director again.

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The future can be bright.

After what X-Men: Dark Phoenix Y new mutants, will close the time of these characters in FOX, now it’s up to Marvel Studios restart them. Although there are rumors that some of these actors could return to these roles as James McAvoy as Professor X, Patrick Stewart like Charles Xavier or Hugh Jackman like Wolverine, in the movie Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

The movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix Is available in the Disney Plus streaming platform.