The Holidays Return in Red Dead Online

The forecast for next week is snow on the frontier when the four-week celebratory event of Red Dead Online arrives just in time for the holidays.

Locomotives in the Christmas spirit will be new, seasonal Call to Armslocations, as players can see decorations, carols, music and more from Campsites to Saint Denis as the five states celebrate Christmas.

Highlights include:

  • Starting next week snow and christmas themed celebrations, including decorations at Campsites, Moonshine Shacks and in Saint Denis, plus Rank lock restrictions are lifted on the Double Barrel Shotgun, including the seasonal Krampus Shotgun Variant, from December 14 to January 5
  • Double RDO$ on all Trader Sales and Moonshine Sales, plus Double RDO$ and Role XP with all Bounty Missions
  • New Seasonal Call to Arms-locations coming: from December 21 to January 5, players Colter, Rhodes, Hanging Dog Ranch, and Emerald Ranch defending in winter weather, with reports of cougars, wolves and bears, as well as a Christmas-themed locomotive (with gunmen) arriving at the train stations of Rhodes or Emerald Ranch
  • Double RDO$ and Character XP Bee Call to Arms, plus those who reach the last wave in one of the coming Holiday Call to Arms-locations get a 50% Offer on each weapon
  • Triple RDO$ and XP, plus Double Gold, Bee Make it Count and Last Stand, and Double RDO$, XP and Gold Bee Gun Rush, Gun Rush Teams, Spoils of War, Up in Smoke, and overrun
  • Christmas bonuses and offers: Anyone who logs in between December 14 and Christmas Day will receive Rewards for 25 Capitale and a free accessory. The Winter Evans Repeater is between 14 and 29 December free for all players, anyone who logs in between December 26 and January 5 will receive 10 sticks Volatile Dynamite, 20 Fire Arrows, plus a Reward for a free Weight Loss Tonic and a Reward to remove the bounty on a player in all states
  • a free ‘Good to See Ya’ Emote for everyone who orders a drink in a Saloon, and a for free Winter Shotgun Coat for all players who log in between December 28 and January 5
  • New Years Bounty Hunter Bonuses and Rewards: From December 28 to January 5, returning a Player Bounty earns a Reward of 2000 Bounty Hunter XP, while a dead one earns RDO$200, earn in addition 2 Hawkmoth Bolas on every completed Legendary or Infamous Bounty
  • New discounts: 5 Gold Bars discounts on both the Bounty Hunter License if Prestigious Bounty Hunter License, 50% discount on all bolas, 40% discount on all Role Weapon Variants, Breton Horses, Sniper Rifles, Novice, Promising, and Established Bounty Hunter Role Items, and all Single Bandoliers, plus 30% off the Bounty Hunter Wagon and all ammo
  • Prime Gaming Benefits: Players who link their Social Club account to Prime Gaming through December 20th will receive a Reward for a free Stable Slot and 5 Special Horse Medicine, while between December 21st and January 17th they will receive rewards for a Bolt Action Rifle and a free one coat