The Hunger Games: New Details on the Prequel

The Hunger Games will have a prequel focused on President Snow, but when he was still young. New details were released in this regard.

It was confirmed long ago that The Hunger Games it was going to have a prequel. After the enormous success of the trilogy starring Jennifer Lawrence, Lionsgate and Suzanne Collins are once again betting on a new story that will seek to gain the popularity of the original saga.

This prequel will be based on the book Songbird and Snake Ballad. The story focuses on the youth of President Snow, a character played by Donald Sutherland in the film saga that was so successful in the cinema. After so many months, new details about this new production were finally revealed.

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Very close!

As recently revealed by Deadline, the prequel to The Hunger Games focused on President Snow will begin filming in 2022. That information was confirmed by Joe Drake, president of Lionsgate. As for its release date, the studio is hopeful that the film will see the light of day in late 2023 or early 2024.

As we said earlier, the prequel to The Hunger Games it will be an adaptation of the book Songbird and Snake Ballad, which is also written by Suzanne collins, the author behind the famous trilogy. Regarding the story, it is set many years before the events we saw in the original saga. Here we will meet Corolianus Snow, an 18-year-old man who will become the future president of Panem.

The story will take place during the tenth edition of The Hunger Games, in the period after the Dark Days, when the 13 districts come together to face the Capitol. In this way, Corolianus prepares to be the mentor of one of the tributes. We will also see that his family is not having the best time and this may be an important opportunity for him. Everything goes wrong when he is awarded the tribute of District 12, the same one to which Katniss Everdeen belongs. The prequel film will have Michael Arndt as screenwriter and Francis Lawrence as director.