The importance of flyers for events and what we can learn from cinema

Flyers or leaflets are one of the strong points of the promotion of events and parties. We began to see them on paper everywhere, and now we also have them in digital format. It is a cheap and effective way to advertise, as well as easy to spread to the public.

Flyers do not go out of style to announce this type of meeting and they are still effective, despite there being so many digital tools. What is the reason for this and why can the cinema inspire us to create our own flyers?

Why is it still one of the most effective marketing tools?

Using physical materials helps establish a trusted connection between the brand and the consumer (or between the organizer and the attendee). Through the logo, colors and flagship messages, recipients of the flyer can identify the identity behind the wheel.

The interesting thing about flyers is that they can be easily adapted depending on the audience we want to reach at that moment. The flyers and advertising flyers for events they are quite cheap to print in large quantities, so they have great potential to attract a lot of people, which should increase the number of attendees if done right.

References in the movies

There is nothing better to attract the public to an event than an interesting flyer.

Movie posters have a similar function to event flyers, and that is to attract the public to attend the movie. The format is much larger and is not intended to be taken away, but we can see similarities and take some design elements to create attractive flyers.

Use interesting design elements

It is worth using photos, icons and interesting shapes in the background of the flyer. Remember that they are designed to attract attention. In this case, the idea is to contrast between these figures and the contentso that there is a clear focus for the eye.

An excellent example in the cinema of this style is in the film delivery. The background is made up of the area near the eye, with the light tones of the skin. The eye itself serves as that circular figure that separates the men out of the light background, which helps to highlight them. It is also very interesting as the open eye signifies the shock of entering the experience of the film.

poster Deliverance
Poster Deliverance – Warner Bros.

A design with bright colors that reflect the identity of the brand

One of the first steps in the design is to define the color palette to give meaning to the cover letter that is the flyer. For this reason, you have to choose colors that attract the public you want to attend and are related to the theme of the event.

the poster of back to the future Use blue and orange colors. The palette is typical in the cinema for highlight the kind qualities of heroes with orange while the background is a bit dark. We also see both colors throughout the movie and the title, as well as being the ones Marty always wears.

poster back to the future marty mcfly
Back to the Future Poster – Universal Pictures

Includes a call to action

It is key in all flyers: you must seek a reaction from your audience. This encourages interaction and arouses greater interest in attending. The CTA has to be clear and forceful, though not necessarily as obvious as sayingAttend!. An example is to include a coupon code to be exchanged at the event or for the paper itself to be the invitation to the party.

the poster of nymphomaniac It is very simple, with a provocative and minimalist isotype. However, what ends up giving the forcefulness of the message and a clue as to what it is really about the movie is the sentenceFORGET ABOUT LOVE”. It’s still subtle, but we know the movie will definitely be hard to watch and very raw.