The incredible Marvel Fan Art that imagines a Hulk Multiverse

This amazing Marvel Fan Art imitates Spider-Man: No Way Home and imagine what a Hulk Multiverse would be like with all the actors

Have you ever wondered what the Multiverse Hulk? Not us, but apparently a fan of Marvel studios called AGT Design has imagined what the meeting of all the Emerald Giant that have appeared in the movies. And this is the amazing Fan Art that he has created to unite in the same image the different audiovisual versions of the character of the House of Ideas that we have seen.

Marvel Studios Fan Art featuring the Hulk Multiverse

What do you think? What is awesome at? Got the idea of Spider-Man: No Way Home and, also using the Doctor Strange from Benedict Cumberbatch, has brought together the superheroic iterations of the Avenger of the three actors. That is, the version of Eric Bana, the characterization of Edward Norton and the definitive iteration of our beloved Mark Ruffalo.

What is the future of this character in Phase 4 of the MCU?

If there is a conflictive character in Marvel Studios, it is without a doubt the Hulk. Not because they don’t really know what they want to do with it, but because the film license, the exploitation rights, do not exactly belong to the studio chaired by Kevin Feige. In fact, those ultimately responsible are the executives of Universal Pictures, who have yielded to the character since he appeared in The Avengers with the characterization of Mark Ruffalo.

For that reason we have not had a movie of the character since that version of Edward Norton, so distant that almost fifteen years have passed since then. However, the Emerald Giant will reappear in the series of Hulka (She-Hulk), starring Tatiana Maslany. Surely, in the form of a mentor and with the purpose of allowing the generational change that so many fans demanded.

The Venom suit that Tom Holland could wear in Spider-Man 4

We will see how the character of Ruffalo works in the series of Disney plus, but surely it will not end up redeeming a character who, unfortunately, has not had the opportunity to have a solo movie.