The incredible secret of Andrew Garfield with Spider-Man

Actor Andrew Garfield talks about Spider-Man: No Way Home and reveals the incredible secret he’s been carrying around for many months.

Spider-Man: No Way Home It turned out to be one of the big events of the year. The movie of Marvel Studios Y sony pictures became an immediate success, reaching such incredible box office numbers in times of pandemic that they practically saved the course of the film industry last year. Experts still wonder what is behind this success. And surely the key is in the meeting of the Spidey from Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield Y Toby Maguire.

The level of secrecy on the part of the actors and the production was enormous, hiding it even in the official trailers. They even erased the characters, so as not to reveal them. However, the fans leaked all the information and echoed those leaks on social networks. In the end, the surprise was not as great as expected, but the welcome was just as exciting.

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A nice story, with an unfortunate ending

Despite everything, actors like Andrew Garfield gave everything to keep the mystery intact. The interpreter’s secrecy was spectacular, as he himself has acknowledged. Only three people knew, apart from him. Only his mother, father and brother knew that he was coming back as spider-man in the final installment of the trilogy of jon watts. No one else knew for his part, despite the leaks.

Unfortunately, the end of this beautiful story of secrecy did not end very well. Sadly, the actor’s mother passed away in 2020, before being able to see her son in the spider suit again. Surely she would have been proud of her son, especially in a year in which he has been awarded the Golden Globe for his role in tick, tick… Boom! and is one of the great favorites Oscar Awards, although all bets are in favor of Will Smith.

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