The Knight Comes to Dead by Daylight: A Beginner’s Guide

The Knight

Beneath the plated steel lies an unspeakable horror. dead by daylightthe last assassin, the Gentleman, he is an expert tactician from a bygone age, working alongside his three deadly Guardsmen.

To effectively dominate this Assassin, you must take a strategic approach, employ clever tactics to outwit Survivors, and overwhelm opponents with well-placed Guards. While The Knight comes with 3 character perks: Nowhere a Hide, Hex: Face the Darkness, Y arrogance – this guide focuses on his Power and how to use it.

The Knight Comes to Dead by Daylight: A Beginner's Guide 6

a new power

knight Power, Guard Companyallows players to create patrol routes for their three AI controlled guards to travel. Guards are summoned one by one in an unvarying cyclical rotation, each possessing a unique specialty. Once summoned, they will detect and chase any nearby Survivors, alerting you to their presence.

While creating a patrol route, you can order them to destroy breakable walls and pallets, or damage generators. Once they finish their task, they will depart and your Power will recharge.

Know your guards

The Knight can summon the aid of his three loyal Guardsmen, all of whom share his affinity for the hunt: The Carnifex, The murdererY The Jailer. The order in which they are summoned never changes, but each has its own ghoulish specialty. In order to excel as The Knight, it’s important that you become familiar with each one so that you can use them effectively.

The Carnifex he is the first, recognizable by his great stature, grotesque appearance, and enormous blade. He specializes in quickly damaging generators and breaking vanes and breakable walls.

The murderer is the second, recognizable by his bald head, leather armor, and jagged dagger. He specializes in hunting, moving faster than his compatriots while on patrol. His speed makes him ideal for corralling Survivors in your path.

the jailer is the third, recognizable by his jagged helmet, his plate armor and his flail. This Guard is the most thorough, spending the most time on patrol and looking for Survivors on his way.

A High Speed ​​Trial will most likely force you to send guards out frequently, so don’t stress too much if you lose your way at any point. You’ll be able to see which one is next in the cycle by looking at the glowing symbol next to your weapon, as each Guard has a specific one. The Jailer is a set of keys, the Assassin is a sword, and the Carnifex is a skeletal helmet.

be a commander

Decades of martial prowess have made The Knight a formidable warrior, capable of taking down enemies with ease. While there’s no denying his skill with a sword, his mind as a tactician is just as sharp. In fact, it’s a set of skills that you need to hone as well, as The Knight’s main ability is focused on multitasking and prediction.

Remember, you are not alone, your guards are did you mean to work alongside you and should be positioned accordingly. They can cover the ground in your absence, providing vital information and potentially confirming suspicions. You can also use them to corral survivors into favorable territory—an area without large loops or paddles, for example—by planning your routes accordingly. It is much more effective to intercept Survivors being pursued by a Guard, rather than running past them down the same path.

Sometimes you will know the exact location of a Survivor. During these times, you can try to quickly wound that Survivor with your Guard. The trick is to end your patrol route directly in front of, or on top of, the Survivor so that your Guard appears and immediately starts chasing them. If successful, he can follow up with an attack of his own and take down a Survivor in seconds. This tactic can also prove effective during a chase, as long as you can keep track of a Survivor’s audio cues.


While it is beneficial to use your Guards to chase down Survivors, it is important to efficiently manage your time in a Trial. Sometimes the survivors will use a specific strategy where they drop a paddle early to force you to destroy it or ignore it and continue the chase on their terms. Fortunately, your guards can render this strategy ineffective, as you can use them to break a paddle while actively pursuing a survivor, although you will slow down for a moment.

You won’t be able to use your Guard immediately afterward, so consider assigning a rest action if you feel confident enough to end the chase. Sometimes you’ll damage a Generator only for a nearby Survivor to emerge from hiding and stop the regression. If you predict they will do that, you can use your Guard to back off and punish their stealthy tactics.

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The Knight is a unique Assassin on the roster, and if you take the time to understand how to use his abilities, you’ll be pulling off impressive plays in no time. The Knight is now available on Dead by Daylight: Forged in the Mist on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.