The Lord of the Rings connects with Game of Thrones

An incredible theory connects the story of The Lord of the Rings with the series of Game of Thrones, the epic HBO series.

The white walkers from Game of Thrones they turned out not to be the true villains of the story at its conclusion. But would you have explained The Lord of the rings why weren’t they? For seven seasons, the series HBO built the stage for two different battles. On the one hand, we had the fight for the Iron Throne. five kings and one dragon queen plotting to seize power. However, few knew that the real threat came from the North. Jon Snow (Kit Harington) he gave his reputation for it. He knew that the night king and his White Walkers would advance upon the living.

Jon Snow insisted a lot saying that the Iron Throne he had no value against the Night King. The White Walkers did not distinguish between Lannister, Starks or Targaryens. The only way to survive was to put aside feuds and disputes, and work together against the zombie army marching south. However, fans of Game of Thrones they were blown away when the first battle of the last season was the White Walkers. After finishing off the Night King, they resumed the conflicts of the seven kingdoms in King’s Landing. The White Walkers seemed like the biggest threat, but… why did humans end up being the final villains? And what does this have to do with The Lord of the rings?

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Despite the controversy surrounding the eighth season of Game of Thronesthe ending allegedly came from the mind of George R.R. Martin. So we assume that the end of the literary saga Song of ice and fire It will be the same or very similar. Even if David Benioff and DB Weiss refused to reveal the narrative decisions that came from Martin for the TV series, the decision to focus on the human villains rather than the White Walkers appears to be more of a decision made by George RR Martin. Because Game of Thrones echoes how it concluded J. R. R. Tolkien the trilogy of The Lord of the rings.

JRR Tolkien’s influence on “A Song of Ice and Fire”

The White Walkers from Game of Thrones

George RR Martin has been very inspired by the Tolkien Universe. And, particularly, in the cleaning of the Region that took place in The return of the King. A story that movies ignored Peter Jackson, but that we will summarize here. When Frodo, Sam, merry Y pippin return to the Shire after destroying the Single ringthey discover that Saruman he has taken control of the region and is oppressing all hobbits. The quartet defeat the wizard and drive him out of the Shire, restoring peace. George RR Martin has praised this conclusion and in a 2015 interview with Forbes he said he was looking for a similar ending in his own epic fantasy story.

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This perhaps explains why Game of Thrones it does not end with the battle against the White Walkers. In The Lord of the rings, sauron is clearly the great threat of Middle Earth. Winning the “War of the Ring” is a far more epic feat than taking back the Shire. But the final chapter of Tolkien’s trilogy highlights the “human struggle” versus the fantasy. It focuses on the corruption and industrialization of the idyllic Comarca, which has become a small Isengard. Tolkien wanted his story to be more intimate after the final battle and the HBO series sought something similar after the Night King’s defeat in winterfell.

Although the end of Song of ice and fire could work better, the series of Game of Thrones lacked Tolkien’s narrative skill at the end of The Lord of the rings. The writer successfully found the tone he was after, but the series undermined its ending with bizarre character development, pointless deaths, and uneven, unbalanced pacing.

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