The Lord of the Rings has very obsessed fans

Actor Sean Astin, who portrayed the Hobbit Samsagaz Gamyi, has revealed an anecdote with a passionate fan that reminded him of a failure from the first Lord of the Rings movie.

The books of JRR Tolkien seemed impossible to adapt, but it came Peter jackson and he got it. He also shot the three films in a row in what may be one of the largest film productions in history. But obviously it also has its small flaws and there are some fans who do not forgive it.

In a recent interview, the actor Sean Astin revealed an anecdote with a fan of the The Lord of the rings:

Funny how, after a week, you are used to fame. It’s like: Oh yeah, of course we’re on something else, we’re on something else. But we got in the limo and there was a guy knocking on the window because people always said… It was like a Beatles movie, they were always chasing you. It was crazy. But this guy, he was dressed smart. So I lowered the window a little bit and he gave me an envelope and said, Hi, I’m Dr. So-and-So. He said: I have to tell Peter Jackson that there is a mistake, or there is an anomaly or something like that. “

Inside the envelope was an interesting glitch:

«During the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, the cave troll enters the Tomb of Balin, and it is really the first time that the Fellowship has established itself as a group, we are fighting against him. I’m using pots and pans against orcs and Elijah Wood got the mithril vest to scare the orc away, or whatever the cave troll stabs him with the spear. Well, in Balin’s grave, the dwarf is illuminated by a ray of sunlight and the cave troll passes through it. Well if you know The Hobbit, when trolls find sunlight, they turn to stone. This cardiologist had identified this seam in the universe, in the mythology where we had made this mistake. I just remember thinking: I don’t think we can redo it now, man.

Although the trilogy of The Lord of the rings it is still shocking, despite the fact that 20 years have passed since its premiere.

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