The Matrix could have more future in the cinema

Lana Wachowski, director of Matrix Resurrections, talks about the future of cinema and the space that the cifi saga could have in it

Normality seems to have returned to theaters with the return of blockbusters, although the vast majority of the box office is taking it away Spider-Man: No Way Home. The movie of Marvel has absorbed any premiere, starting with that of Matrix Resurrections. But nevertheless, Lana Wachowski She recently commented that she was excited to see her work on the big screen and was hopeful for the future, both of the franchise and of cinema in general.

The director of the film was one of many filmmakers who fought for normalization in movie theaters. After all, he loves cinema as much or more than we do, so it is normal that he would like to return to the seat to enjoy a centuries-old pleasure. This is precisely what Lana Wachowski wanted to talk about with The Hollywood Reporter, commenting on very interesting things.

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«I love theaters, I grew up in them. My best childhood memories are when my family took the day off from school and we all ran to the movies and consumed as many movies as we could. Movie theaters have sustained me throughout my life. When I was in high school and struggling with my identity, I would go to the cinema to see a kung fu movie, with popcorn and sticky floors, and everything seemed like it was going to be fine.«Explained the director.

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«It has been difficult to be without movie theaters, and to have them isolated from us or closed. It has been hard because the collective dream that takes place in these spaces is the way to imagine different futures, different lives, different possibilities, all kinds of hope or love. During my life I have not always believed in this world. Nor did I believe that I could be a Hollywood director, a transsexual Hollywood director. The actor imagining a different life in the cinema allowed me to imagine another result in my own life«, Sentenced Lana Wachowski, responsible for Matrix Resurrections.

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Allegedly, Matrix Resurrections It should be the end of the cifi franchise. Since production they have insisted a lot on that idea, which they also try to translate into the film. But you know how Hollywood works. It only takes an idea and a lot of money to find the space and create a need within the market. The industry is what it is. And that will never change.