The Matrix Resurrections confused the movie’s actors a lot

Some actors in Matrix Resurrections reveal that they were very confused when making the movie.

Matrix Resurrections It is the fourth installment of the famous science fiction saga that arrived almost 20 years ago. This new movie is quite different from what fans might imagine, but it also confused the newly arrived actors who were involved in it.

The actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who plays Sati, said: “It was a lot of words and a big part of my job was to be in front of all of them and me just spitting words and they pretending to listen. When I was doing the scene Lana Wachowski It was very clear, but once I made the mistake during a making-off recording, they told me: We want you to talk about your character. And I was like: I’m not going to screw this up. I’m not going to do anything wrong. So I called Lana, she was in an edit and I said, What would you like me to say about Sati? And he talked to me for about 20 minutes and I had no idea what he said. I have no idea. I was much more confused than when I entered.

The same thing happened to other actors:

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who plays the new version of Morpheus in Matrix Resurrections, said: “It’s funny that you say that about how clear it was because sometimes he would come in with a question and then we would talk for ten minutes. And I kept coming back like: Wow, I wish I didn’t go ask because now I’m more confused than before going in. “

Jessica henwick, who plays Bugs in The Matrix Resurrections, noted, “I remember trying to pin her down a couple of times to talk about Bugs, and then I gave up very quickly and said, Every time I ask her, she’s going to talk about life, instead of the character. I realized that she never wanted to feed except when I was on set, when I was on set she was very specific and she never wanted you to go home to rehearse and get ready. “

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Matrix Resurrections is currently available in theaters.