The Motel Opens its Doors. Will you make it with Oxide?


  • Rust Room 104 available now for Xbox Series and Xbox One.
  • A glimpse of the experience that awaits you in this terrifying game.
  • A combination of very different mechanics where you will decide your own destiny.
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Rust Room 104 is a creepy horror video game in which you will play as Matthew and have to escape from a scary old motel. The game combines action, adventure and puzzles in a changing environment that will challenge you in many ways. But let me introduce you to the atmosphere of the Night Soul Motel and tell you a bit about what you’ll find there while trying to escape.

You wake up in the bathtub of one of the motel rooms, with no memory of how you got there. You’re naked and wounded, and your head feels like it’s going to explode. Someone wrote your name on the bathroom door; is that blood? This can’t be good… you’d better get out of there.


The doors are locked and the windows boarded up, so getting out won’t be that easy. The motel rooms are filled with everyday objects; they look old and dirty, some rusty and some worn, though they can still be handy for figuring out how to open the next door. But think twice, because an impulsive decision could lead to injury or poison, or sudden death.

You will soon discover that you are not alone there. A terrifying creature is lurking, waiting for your mistakes. He has filled the motel with horrors and other creatures that will haunt you to death. Making the right decision at all times between shooting them with your weapon or simply moving quietly and stealthily will be crucial to your survival.

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As you move through the motel, each room will be an unexpected setting with new mysteries, from a spooky concert hall to a graveyard within another room. What will be behind that door? Dangers and death await you everywhere.


Death is just the beginning. Things didn’t work out and now you wake up in another bathtub, but that place doesn’t look like the motel. Now you are gagged, your hands and feet tied, and a ruthless doctor watches you. What does he want from you? Why does he keep you like this? He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He will show no mercy and he will take you back to Oxide.


Again, you wake up in the motel bathtub, in room 104. But things have changed. Everything looks more rusty, new creatures appear, paintings on the walls are watching you, objects aren’t where they were, and you can’t escape the same way you did before. You get another chance to get out of there, but each time you fail, the motel becomes even more hostile and macabre. Find your way out before it’s too late, escape from Oxide and discover her secrets. Rust Room 104 is now available on Xbox.

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Rust Room 104

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Oxide Room 104 is a chilling single player body horror game that combines action and escape room gameplay inside an old motel. Kidnapped, at the mercy of a ruthless scientist and stalked by a horrible creature, you must try to escape using common sense, just as you would in real life. Can you get out of Oxide? It all begins when you wake up in the bathtub of a motel room, naked, injured and unsure of what has happened. You remember that the deal went wrong, but now the only thing that matters is trying to escape from that horrible place no matter what. From this point on, everything you do will lead you to one of the endings. And we warn you that, of all the ways it can end, there is only one good way out… There are many options and ways to resolve situations, as well as different paths. Some actions will lead you to states that alter your perception of the environment and even to an abrupt end. Remember that a bad decision can be the difference between life and death.