The new preview of The Batman shows its most detective side

We knew that The Batman was going to be a detective movie, but the new official trailer confirms suspicions. That last!

the premiere of batman it is only a few weeks away and with each passing day it is closer. That means Warner Bros. Pictures He’s going to let us see a lot of promotional material from the movie as the film gets closer and closer to its “deadline.” Anyone who wants to remain virgin of knowledge before the premiere, flee from social networks and others, because a few weeks are coming full of spoilers, theories and unpublished images that are published online.

In this latest official preview of batman does not reveal too much in that sense, but it does show the more detective side of the Dark Knight. We also know a little more about the Machiavellian plans of Enigma (Paul Dano)new images of Bat Man (Robert Pattinson) Y Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) trying to solve the villain’s puzzles and a look at Edward Nashton.

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We share the preview with you!

What do you think? This movie is going to be crazy. And after the last detail that was leaked and we told you, we are sure that it will blow our minds forever!

The best detective in the world is the Bat Man

One of the promises they made us with this film is that it was going to show the most detective side of the character. This is something we’ve been demanding for years, as all past iterations of the Dark Knight have left a lot to be desired in that regard. Or they have shown a very superficial vision of the so-called best detective in the world.

But nevertheless, batman It seems that you have put a lot of effort into making our demands come true. The influence of David Fincher on the tape Matt Reeves it’s palpable and the filmmaker has shown his will to make a noir film with the presence of the detective from start to finish. Having Enigma and his riddles as the main villain says it all.

Shocking new trailer for The Batman: The answer is justice!

We will finally see this jewel of superhero movies on March 4.